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Virginia Wilson is an artist working in the fluid medium of dye on silk. Her palette is at times subtle and soft or perhaps bold and dramatic. Her subject matter can be both the beauty found in nature, or the whimsical nature of her vivid imagination. She paints with spontaneous focus to merge color, line, shape and form in a dazzling creation that is both soothing and expressive. Many of her pieces are found in homes and offices of those working in the health and personal growth fields. That her work is beautiful and contemplative, perhaps explains the many individual and varied interpretations.

Virginia is also extremely comfortable and uncannily successful in portraying the desires, both verbal and non-verbal, of her many commissioned clients. Because of the medium she has chosen, mythology and spirituality are often aspects of her work. She has exhibited her work in galleries in Scottsdale AZ, Connecticut, Cape Ann and Boston, Massachusetts. For several years she exhibited in her own gallery on Rocky Neck in Gloucester, MA. one of the oldest art colonies in the United States.

Virginia is a native of New England, which accounts for her wonderous landscapes and comfort in painting the many different environments found there. The fusion of both land and sea can be seen often as she has lived around water for much of her life. She has also traveled and been inspired by the colors of the southwestern United States and the balmy and tropical island environments. Her interpretations of the coral reefs and varying sea forms are particularly striking.

Her formal training has taken place at the Hartford Art School and in workshops with artists such as watercolorist David Millard. She has worked as an illustrator for the State of Connecticut, Dept of Education, and has been an artist in residence at the Clark School in Danvers, MA. Many children on Cape Ann have also attended her periodic workshops, often fusing both art and the interpretation of literature. Virginia Wilson is married to renown South Florida photographer Paul Krashefski.

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  “I have chosen to work in an impressionistic style on Chinese silk, using a technique called  ‘serti’.  This is the French term for drawing directly on silk with a gold resitant substance called gutta.  This metallic substance restricts or inhibits the flow of dyes I apply with a variety of brushes.  In this way, I can best direct the flowing lines and intermingled hues with the wondrous flow of creative energy derived from my inspiration, observations and intuition."